June 19, 2022

Zeke Pike - Founder & CEO of Ez Ecomm and Credit Wipe | God, Football, and Entrepreneurship

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Zeke Pike is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Ez Ecomm LLC and Credit Wipe. Zeke’s journey to greatness started in high school, as an All-American Quarterback. He fell into hard times throughout college, bouncing between Auburn, Louisville, and Murray State but it is through those hard times he turned his life around by founding Number8 Ministries and immersing himself in scripture.

While building Number8 Ministries, Zeke got an unexpected call from the Indianapolis Colts to give Pike a tryout for Tight End. Eager to give his dream another chance, Zeke went for it. His time was cut short when Indianapolis decided it was no longer a good fit. Lost and looking for answers, Zeke took his first step into a flourishing industry with the dream of making it to the top right away

Living in Boca Raton, FL, Zeke dabbled in selling on Amazon. Within a matter of a year, Zeke’s stores were producing 7-Figure numbers left and right. It was at that point Zeke realized he was onto something. Zeke’s decision to help investors create passive income streams was where his business, EZ Ecomm excelled to the next level. In a matter of months, Zeke quickly scaled EZ Ecomm to 7 figures just from investor enrollment fees with his total store sales totaling over 8 Figures. 

EZ Ecomm intends to stand out through systems that allow every account to be taken care of in all aspects. With that in mind, it’s no telling how far Zeke & EZ Ecomm will go. A customer-first attitude is necessary to scale, and Zeke embraces that.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

02:10 - Zeke Pike's origin story

10:11 - All-American football star

23:31 - How does Zeke Pike make sure not to spiral again?

26:11 - How did Zeke Pike start his business?

33:03 - What was the strategy of Zeke Pike in building the store on Amazon?

43:47 - How does Zeke Pike scale a brand with Amazon?

46:22 - Did Zeke Pike use influencer marketing?

47:51 - Did Zeke Pike use Shopify? 

53:31 - What did Zeke Pike think about whether more people will invest in these businesses?

54:40 - How did Zeke Pike start his second business?

1:03:34 - What should people do to improve their credit repairs?

1:09:27 - Do more credit cards help people? 

1:12:39 - Is Zeke Pike about to start another business?

1:12:54 - What are the entrepreneurial lessons Zeke Pike learned from his business?

1:13:24 - What's the first thing Zeke Pike looks for when hiring? 

1:15:25 - What would Zeke Pike's advice be for beginners or young entrepreneurs?

1:16:44 - What is the most essential thing according to Zeke Pike now? 

1:22:22 - Where do people connect with Zeke Pike?

1:23:24 - What is something that keeps Zeke up at night?

1:24:42 - What was the biggest challenge Zeke Pike has ever had and what did he learn from it?

1:26:26 - Who is the mentor of Zeke Pike?

1:27:44 - A book or podcast recommended by Zeke Pike?

1:28:18 - What would Zeke Pike tell his 20-year-old self? 

1:28:55 - What does success mean to Zeke Pike?

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