May 19, 2021

Lindsay Tjepkema, Founder & CEO of Casted | Harnessing the Power of Podcasting

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Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and co-founder of Casted, the first and only B2B content marketing platform built around podcasts. With more than 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, she’s a dynamic leader who’s had tremendous success building and growing marketing teams on a local and global level.

After launching a podcast for a global martech SaaS enterprise, Lindsay saw the tremendous opportunity for brands in podcasting, as well as a huge void in the tech landscape with the lack of software to support marketing teams in leveraging these shows as part of their content marketing efforts. 

This led her to start Casted to help B2B marketers unlock the full potential of their content by harnessing the power of podcasting. The company has since gained rapid traction among brands that wish to create greater connection with their audiences through authentic conversation.

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➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Lindsay Tjepkema, Founder & CEO of Casted

07:42 - How can a business use podcasting? How can they measure it?

14:27 - Should every founder have a podcast?

21:47 - How do you grow a podcast/show?

24:32 - Audiences and algorithms.

35:21 - Own your weaknesses.


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