Nov. 12, 2021

Vivek Ramaswamy, Entrepreneur & Author | Wokeness & Corporate America's Social Justice Scam

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➡️ About The Guest

Vivek Ramaswamy is a successful entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful enterprises. A first-generation American, he is the founder and Executive Chairman of Roivant Sciences, a new type of biopharmaceutical company focused on the application of technology to drug development.

He founded Roivant in 2014 and led the largest biotech IPOs of 2015 and 2016, eventually culminating in successful clinical trials in multiple disease areas that led to FDA-approved products. Vivek was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine in 2015 for his work in drug development. In 2020 he emerged as a prominent national commentator on stakeholder capitalism, free speech, and woke culture. He has authored numerous articles and op-eds, which have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Newsweek, and Harvard Business Review.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Vivek’s Story.

09:08 - Shareholder vs. stakeholder capitalism.

13:18 - How did wokeness start?

22:03 - Goldman Sachs & diversity.

29:06 - The separation of church and state.

36:29 - What’s the fix for corporate greed?

41:27 - Critical Race Theory & wokeness.

46:53 - Entrepreneurial lessons from one of the largest biotech IPO’s.

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