Dec. 29, 2021

Zac Litwack, Partner at Savage Ventures | How to Growth Hack a Distressed Company

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➡️ About The Guest

Zac Litwack is a partner at Savage Ventures, an expert digital marketer and growth hacker. He started a music company in 2010 which produced a gold record and 9 figures in streams, and subsequently grew a healthcare technology startup to multiple 7 figures in revenue. 

He recently led marketing for Savage portfolio company OutKick, which quickly scaled to 7 figures per month in revenue and sold to FOX less than 1 year after its launch. 

He is currently Chief Marketing Officer / Owner of American Songwriter and Total Frat Move whose properties reach 20+ million people per month and leads growth hacking and high tempo testing across Savage’s portfolio companies, including MyDrHank, a 7 figure D2C online pharmacy brand focused on the male senior market.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Zac’s story.

09:16 - Side hustle venture capital firm.

15:33 - How to scale distressed companies.

21:04 - The importance of being a VC / operator.

36:27 - Setting up an exit strategy.

38:58 - The importance of testing for growth.

52:21 - How to start in start-ups.

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