Oct. 23, 2021

John Hagel, Founder of Center For The Edge | Navigating The Journey Beyond Fear

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➡️ About The Guest

John Hagel has spent over 40 years in Silicon Valley and has experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author. He has recently retired from Deloitte and founded a new company, Beyond our Edge, LLC, that works with companies and people who are seeking to anticipate the future and achieve much greater impact. He has also worked with McKinsey & Co. and Boston Consulting Group.

In addition to his new book, John is the author of 7 books, including The Power of Pull, Net Gain, Net Worth, Out of the Box and The Only Sustainable Edge. He is widely published and quoted in major business outlets including The Economist, Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal, as well as general media like the New York Times, NBC and BBC.

➡️ Talking Points

11:24 - Why do we have so much fear?

13:26 - Reshaping the global economy and society.

23:58 - A culture of fear.

27:31 - The importance of personal & corporate narratives.

33:58 - Harnessing passion.

39:23 - Using platforms for personal growth.

48:28 - Optimizing for happiness.

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