Jan. 17, 2022

Candice Bar, CEO of Luxe Enterprise | How To Build a Media Empire

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➡️ About The Guest

Candice Bar is a serial entrepreneur, radio station owner, speaker, mentor, tv and radio personality, and female entrepreneur advocate. Candice s the founder and CEO of Luxe Enterprises which includes several different branches of the company. Her show Luxe Life s currently on several major platforms all over the world and three radio stations across the US. Some of the shows platforms include iHeart radio, iTunes, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, and many more.

Bar has had the pleasure of interviewing top celebrities and world renown entrepreneurs. She has turned her passion for people into a large networking empire for the past several years, connecting high net worth entrepreneurs internationally. Some of her passions include travel, fitness, music, art and leading by example as a positive role model for the next generation.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Candice’s story.

4:00 - Did Candice ever work a job?

5:42 - What is the point when you start thinking of creating your own business

7:45 - How do you get the idea of starting Luxe

11:00 - How did you manage to get Robert Kiyosaki on Luxe life(podcast).

12:11 - Why Candice started her podcast

13:00 - What are Candice's future plans for her business

14:02 - How does Candice make sure Luxe is a successful brand

15:14 - What is Luxe enterprises

16:58 - How do we get the best quality of podcasts

19:30 - What has Luxe grown into through the years

23:12 - What are some hurdles Candice experienced in her career

25:20 - What Candice recommends about business incubators

27:10 - What are suggestions of Candice to start a business for females and males

28:40 - What are Candice recommendations for starting a podcast

29:07 - How does Candice hire the host

30:20 - What is valuable content in a podcast

31:35 - What are priorities of Candice when she hires a host

32:43 - Do Candice leverage to cross pollinate audience on her other brands

33:41 - Is there is a revenue stream for the podcasters who want to join podcast like Luxe media

34:55 - How do Candice promote her other shows

37:41 - Why is it so important to hire a team instead of doing every thing by yourself

39:46 - How do Candice keeps her team active and excited

40:56 - What were some wins or misses when hiring a team

44:30 - Rolling up your sleeves and building a business

46:30 - How do people connect with Candice

47:54 - What was the biggest challenge of Candice career, and how does she overcome it

49:08 - Who is Candice’s mentor

49:50 - What is podcast recommendation of Candice

50:40 - What Luxe media is covering in their podcasts

51:20 - What could Candice tell 20 year self one thing, what could it be

51:46 - What does success mean to Candice

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