Jan. 20, 2023

Liz Wiseman - CEO of The Wiseman Group | Increase Your Leadership, Influence, and Impact at Work

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Liz Wiseman is a world-renowned leadership expert, speaker, and author. With over 20 years of experience studying and teaching leadership, Liz has developed a unique perspective on how to develop and leverage the leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations.

Liz is the president of The Wiseman Group, a leadership research, and development firm, and the author of several best-selling books, including "Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter," "Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work," and "The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools."

Liz's work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal. She has also been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Leadership Thinkers" by Leadership Excellence and as one of the "Top 100 Leadership Speakers" by Inc. Magazine.

With her expertise in leadership development and her ability to translate complex ideas into practical, actionable insights, Liz Wiseman is a sought-after speaker and consultant for organizations looking to develop the next generation of leaders.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

02:31 - Liz Wiseman’s origin story

10:08 - The goal of Liz’s research

13:46 - Liz Wiseman’s experience at Oracle

19:27 - What is an impact player?

31:00 - Defining and finding impact players

40:18 - Some things that managers like and do not like to see

47:25 - Liz's advice for the audience

50:43 - Where can people connect with Liz Wiseman?

51:17 - What does success mean to you?

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