Sept. 2, 2022

Jose Muñoz - Co-Founder of Wondermed | Healing Mental Health With Psychedelics

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Jose Munoz is the co-founder and managing director of Wondermed, a health-tech company empowering people's inner healers through psychedelic medicine; starting with low-dose oral ketamine lozenges. Jose combines his international experience in business and physics to develop business models that generate positive impact.

Previously building self-sustained desalination plants in underdeveloped countries, he has shifted his focus to healing mental health disorders with the help of psychedelic medicine. Raising $5.6M to date in their seed round, he is determined to push the boundaries of our imagination to make long-lasting changes in the world.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

02:35 - What is Jose Aycart's origin story?

07:20 - The market's reaction to when Jose started building his company

13:00 - What are psychedelics, why are they trending & what is their history?

16:37 - Ryan Magnuson's role in psychedelics

17:39 - How can someone's life be changed and influenced by psychedelics?

19:23 - The difference between psychedelics and meditation

24:30 - How do psychedelics work and are positive outcomes guaranteed?

29:41 - Does this ketamine improve neuroplasticity and can it be fast-tracked?

34:33 - What is the protocol someone will go through once they start using ketamine?

36:23 - Is a person lucid when he's under the influence of ketamine?

38:22 - Results of using ketamine

41:17 - Potential negatives and positives of using ketamine

43:18 - How do psychedelics affect someone’s decision-making and personal life?

46:07 - What is the immediate step someone should take to figure out whether they should look into psychedelics?

48:45 - Building a ketamine company and managing everything from the first day onwards

53:49 - Finding funds and angel investors for a business in a super niche category

59:04 - What are the efficiencies of the products that come to the market?

1:01:03 - The responsibility of changing someone’s life

1:04:24 - Will other drugs/medicines become legalized to some extent?

1:08:36 - “Human evolution vs technological revolution”

1:09:54 - What’s next after Wondermed for Jose Munoz?

1:11:53 - The meaning of life and how to find purpose in living

1:14:27 - Opportunities at Wondermed

1:15:35 - How can people connect with Jose Munoz?

1:16:20 - What keeps Jose up at night?

1:16:45 - What's the biggest challenge Jose Munoz has overcome in his personal life?

1:17:42 - One person who had a major impact on Jose Munoz's life

1:18:20 - Jose Munoz’s book or podcast recommendation

1:19:34 - What would Jose Munoz tell his 20-year-old self?

1:19:49 - What does success mean to Jose Munoz Aycart?

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