Dec. 24, 2022

John Climaco - Chairman & CEO of CNS Pharmaceuticals | Curing Brain Cancer

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

John M. Climaco, JD is the Chairman and CEO of CNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (NASDAQ: CNSP) a company Mr. Climaco took public in 2019. CNS is engaged in the research and development of new treatments for malignancies of the brain and central nervous system. The Company's lead candidate is Berubicin, an anthracycline developed at the prestigious University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the largest cancer research and treatment center in the world. A seasoned entrepreneur, executive, attorney, and director, Mr. Climaco has a remarkable record of business successes and more than 19 years of experience managing the operations, strategies, and finances of public and private companies. 

As President & CEO of Axial Biotech for over a decade, Mr. Climaco was instrumental in bringing genomic medicine to orthopedics. Under Mr. Climaco’s leadership, Axial developed and commercialized ScoliScore, a genetic test designed to determine scoliosis prognosis. The Chicago Tribune called ScoliScore “a crystal ball for the spine” and Orthopaedics This Week recognized ScoliScore as the Best New Diagnostics Technology for Spine Care 2010. Leading Axial from inception to international commercialization, Mr. Climaco raised over $50MM in venture capital, created partnerships with Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and Smith & Nephew, and grew the company’s annual revenue to over $6MM by its second year of commercial operations.

A current or former director of several public companies including Moleculin Biotech (NASDAQ: MBRX), Digirad Corporation (NASDAQ: DRAD), PDI, Inc. (NASDAQ: PDII), PermaFix Environmental Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: PESI) and InfuSystem Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: INFU), Mr. Climaco has taken a leadership role in complex and difficult turn around efforts. As Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Committees of DRAD and PESI, Mr. Climaco advised management teams on M&A opportunities, restructurings, asset divestments, equity financings, and strategic partnerships.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

03:05 - John Climaco’s origin story

07:35 - Was there a de facto treatment at all before John’s company?

12:20 - Is this treatment something that can transcend cancer?

19:33 - How is the business around such drugs accessible to everyone in the market?

28:46 - Why is the metastatic market growing?

30:18 - What are the steps to make this a de facto treatment?

35:52 - Balancing the pricing strategies when going into the market with a life-saving drug

40:06 - What does John Climaco want his legacy to be?

42:58 - Where can people connect with John Climaco?

43:33 - The biggest challenge John Climaco has overcome in his professional life

46:35 - The most impactful person in John Climaco’s life

49:43 - John Climaco’s book or podcast recommendation

51:43 - What would John Climaco tell his 20-year-old self?

52:09 - What does success mean to John Climaco?

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