May 20, 2023

Lessons - Why You Need To Build Community & Find Fans | Swish Goswami, CEO of TruFan

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In this Lessons episode, Swish Goswami, a young tech entrepreneur, delves into the world of paid advertising and influencer marketing. He critically analyzes the existing issues in paid advertising, such as ad fraud, ad blockers, and lack of control over ad placements, predicting a shift towards influencer marketing.

However, Goswami cautions against the pitfalls of influencer marketing as well, pointing to issues such as fake engagement and focus on impressions over conversions. He suggests a different approach via his platform, TrueFan, which prioritizes superfans, brand advocates, and micro-influencers, and provides tangible data on campaign effectiveness.

Addressing concerns about changes in social media algorithms, Goswami emphasizes the importance of building and nurturing a strong, authentic community. He asserts that such community-building practices can help influencers maintain relevance despite shifting algorithms.

Goswami concludes with a crucial advice for influencers: focusing on content, community, and collaboration. However, he emphasizes community as the distinguishing factor in this era of content saturation. Goswami's insights provide a valuable framework for anyone seeking to understand or succeed in the digital advertising landscape.

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