July 13, 2022

Jimmy Esparza - CEO of Renewable Power USA | The Future Of Renewable Energy

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Jimmy Esparza was born in Los Angeles after his family risked everything and emigrated from Mexico. After working for major companies in the solar industry in 2017 Jimmy created the company Renewable Power USA. Which has expanded to include several service areas with warehouses ready to serve its customers in Arizona, Southern California, Ontario, Dallas, North Carolina Orlando, and Miami.

Jimmy Esparza and his company Renewable Power managed to appear in magazines such as Forbes, Wealth Insider, American Weekly, and Inc magazine, entering the 44th position of its top Inc. 5000.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

03:02 - Jimmy Esparza’s origin story

07:15 - What impact did the struggle of Jimmy's family have on his thought process?

09:09 - Why did Jimmy start with a door-to-door solar job?

17:25 - How did Jimmy pivot from working for a salary to starting his own entrepreneurial venture?

26:03 - What were Jimmy’s first steps towards success?

29:51 - Is Jimmy Esparza a pure reseller?

30:26 - How did Jimmy Esparza find the right support to service customers and give them a premium experience?

32:20 - Where is the solar industry now?

36:00 - Do solar panels completely replace the energy being used from the city?

37:04 - What is the cost of solar panels and how do they help the customer?

39:57 - What will be the payoff if a person is financing solar?

41:52 - Jimmy’s thoughts on relying on solar without sun for a period of time?

47:27 - Are solar panels the best possible replacement for fossil fuel?

48:52 - What are the problems Jimmy faces as a CEO of a solar company?

50:00 - Do the big groups lobby on behalf of solar for more incentives for consumers?

50:42 - Who else is making innovations in the solar industry?

52:58 - Why is personal branding essential in Jimmy's opinion?

55:54 - What was Jimmy's strategy on day one of posting on social media and how did he gain confidence?

58:52 - Where does Jimmy Esparza want to see his company in the next 5 to 10 years?

1:05:34 - How can people connect with Jimmy Esparza?

1:06:08 - What are the 5 things that are keeping Jimmy up at night?

1:09:30 - How does Jimmy manage his time for his family?

1:13:46 - What was the biggest challenge Jimmy Esparza faced in his personal or professional life?

1:18:20 - If Jimmy had to choose one person in his life who had a great impact on him, who would that person be?

1:19:46 - A book or podcast recommended by Jimmy Esparza

1:24:32 - What would Jimmy Esparza tell his 20-year-old self?

1:25:32 - What does success mean to Jimmy Esparza?

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