Aug. 6, 2022

Chris Naugle - Co-Founder & CEO of The Money School | How To Be Your Own Bank

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

From pro-snowboarder to money mogul, Chris Naugle has dedicated his life to being America’s #1 Money Mentor. His success includes managing over 30 million dollars in assets in the financial services and advisory industry and tens of millions in real estate business, with over 200 transactions and an HGTV pilot show since 2014.

In 20 years, Chris has built and owned 16 companies, with his businesses being featured in Forbes, ABC, and House Hunters. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy™, founder of The Money School™, and Money Mentor for The Money Multiplier.

As an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, he empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors with the knowledge of how money works. Innovating what it takes to break the chains of financial slavery, Chris is driven to deliver the financial expertise that fuels lasting freedom. To date, he has spoken to and taught over ten thousand Americans. 

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

03:38 - Chris Naugle's origin story

34:16 - How did Chris navigate through the recession after 9/11?

50:21 - How to be your own bank

1:02:00 - What happens when you get paid on your death benefit early?

1:03:30 - Are there any underwriting issues that may be faced while taking loans?

1:12:30 - What is Whole Life Insurance?

1:10:09 - How can you screw this up?

1:13:40 - How do recessions and inflation affect the market?

1:25:57 - What are the factors that can affect an average person's financial wellbeing?

1:36:41 - How can people connect to Chris Naugle?

1:39:06 - What keeps Chris up at night?

1:39:14 - The biggest challenge that Chris Naugle has overcome in his life

1:39:40 - Any book or podcast recommended by Chris Naugle

1:39:50 - What would Chris tell his 20-year-old self? 

1:39:55 - What does success mean to Chris Naugle?

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