Nov. 18, 2021

Natasha Graziano, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur | Why Manifestation Isn't BS (How To Actually Do It)

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➡️ About The Guest

Natasha Graziano is the nation’s #1 Mindset Coach & ranked ‘number 1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world’ by Forbes Magazine and top female mindset coach by Business Insider.

Natasha is the host of The Law Of Attraction podcast, which has gained over 100 Million Views to date and is ranked in the ‘Top 10 podcasts to download in 2021’ by Influenciv magazine.

Natasha is the creator of the renowned MBS Method (Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity) - your transformation to a greater life which consists of ancient breathing techniques, meditation in altered states of consciousness and is rooted in neuroscience! Her knowledge has gained over 1 Billion Views and her programs have helped over 1.5 Million people transform their lives, making her one of the most respected names in her field online internationally.

Natasha has been learning and teaching Mindset for the last 15 years for all kinds of people at different stages of their life, incl. Entrepreneurs with 9 & 10 figure businesses and A-list movie stars.

She has been seen in The New York Times, Wealth Insider, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, BBC, Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes & many more top-tier publications.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Natasha’s story.

09:41 - What is the MBA method?

23:19 - What is manifesting, and how do you actually implement it in your life?

28:50 - Biohacking & its tangible impact on your life.

32:33 - Aligning your heart and your mind.

40:32 - The power of personal brand.

52:14 - How to deal with imposter syndrome.

01:01:14 - How to grow your following on social media.

01:09:36 - Advice for entrepreneurs.

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