April 14, 2021

Marketing Harry, CEO of Brave Social Media | Growing Instagram From 0-125k Followers In One Year

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Krabrin Bankov aka. Marketing Harry has only ever known entrepreneurship, starting his first digital marketing / social agency right out of school, and growing it to 7 figures, and quickly landing brand name, international clients. 

This was before Harry applied everything he was doing for his clients, to his own brand. Quickly rising through the ranks of Instagram business influencers, garnering a following of over 125k followers in one year, there is no other business account that has ever grown as fast as Marketing Harry’s account in the B2B niche.

Harry is a marketing genius, and one of the most prolific, impactful and successful marketers currently operating in the space. His strategy is replicable, and sound - which he’s shown through his growth of a highly competitive b2b niche, with social, graphic and informative content.

If you are in the B2B space and struggling with content creation, if you’re just getting started on Instagram or if you generally just want to listen to a brilliant marketing mind, this will be an episode for you. Harry currently is growing his agency entirely through word of mouth, with zero need for any sales, or marketing of his own, his agency is still growing exponentially, year over year.

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Talking Points

00:00 - Marketing Harry, Instagram Marketing Specialist

03:30 - The importance of tribe & community.

04:24 - Harry’s entrepreneurial story.

15:10 - Secret to Instagram success.

21:13 - How to properly ‘teach’ on social.

26:13 - Optimizing your Instagram strategy.

28:46 - How to measure your performance and know if everything is working

34:28 - Advice for entrepreneurs.



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