Feb. 9, 2022

Randy Haykin, Founder of Gratitude Network | The Importance of Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

The Importance of Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Randy Haykin is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. Haykin founded and runs The Gratitude Network, a 501c3 not-for-profit that provides coaching services to social entrepreneurs around the world.


In 1997, Haykin co-founded Outlook Ventures, which invested in over 30 growth-stage internet and software companies technology companies over a ten-year span. Haykin's "street training" came from executive roles at IBM, Apple, Paramount. Starting in 1993, Haykin joined a series of technology start-ups and held senior sales and marketing positions at Yahoo, Electric Minds, and NetChannel.


Haykin has been an angel investor for more than 20 years, investing in more than 30 early-stage companies, including early stakes in AOL, Yahoo, Voquette, eTeamz/Active, Sharie's Berries, Napo Pharmaceuticals, Solazyme, EyeFluence, Table.co, FastPencil, LesConcierges, EnerAllies, CrowdOptic, Apploi, QASymphony, ePharmix, and Sculptology.


➡️ Talking Points⁣

 00:00 - Intro

04:35 - Randy Haykin’s Origin Story

06:42 - What Made Randy Leave The Venture Space And Start The Gratitude Network?

10:14 - What Is Randy’s Role In The Gratitude Network?

15:10 - What Is The Biggest Difference Between The Gratitude Network And All The Other Accelerators In The World?

17:55 - Some Lessons For Founders Who Don’t Have A Traditional Business Background

23:22 - How Does Randy Make Business Decisions Between For-Profit Versus Non-Profit Business?

27:33 - What Are The Different Variables Randy Looks For When They Are Scaling Startups?

31:52 - Advice When Trying To Find A Coach?

36:12 - When Is The Right Time To Hire A Coach?

38:42 - Red Flags To Consider When Looking For Coaches?

40:22 - What Has More Merit? A Traditional MBA Program Or Business Coaching.

43:21 - What Should Entrepreneurs Be Aware Of?

52:54 - When Was Randy Happiest?

56:28 - What Is The Mindset Or Driving Force Behind Gratitude Network?

59:39 - What Is Randy’s Advice To Achieve Happiness In Life?

1:03:05 - What Does The Left Brain And Right Brain Term Mean?

1:08:43 - Why Are New Entrepreneurs Afraid Of Sharing Their Business?

1:11:09 - Where Can People Connect WIth Randy?

1:12:23 - What Was The Biggest Challenge In Randy Haykin’s Career And How Did He Overcome It?

1:14:32 - Who Has Been A Mentor to Randy Haykin?

1:16:59 - A Podcast Or A Book Recommendation Of Randy Haykin.

1:19:22 - What Is The One Thing Randy Would Tell His 20-Year-Old Self?

1:20:44 - What Does Success Means To Randy?

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