Aug. 16, 2022

Kute Blackson - CEO of Blackson Group | The Magic of Surrender

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Kute Blackson is the author of the national bestselling book You.Are.The.One. and is widely considered the next generation leader in the field of personal development by everyone ranging from Larry King, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, and more. He has been featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Dr. Drew, and Inc magazine call him ‘The Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go To For Advice’.

A charismatic visionary and transformational teacher, Kute Blackson offers a fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness for a whole new generation. Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute's multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father has spanned four different continents. His unique lineage lay the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual's true gifts and greatness.

For over 20 years, Kute Blackson has been inspiring audiences around the world. From the first time he spoke in front of 3,000 people at age 8, to speaking in over 300 venues by age 18, to helping organizations develop authentic leadership and achieve extraordinary performance over the last decade. His electrifying presentations, not only offer real-world practical ideas and soul-stirring wisdom, but also ignite the heart, and inspire courageous action.

His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically, and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

03:33 - Kute Blackson's origin story

19:38 - How to deprogram yourself and remove all the negativity from your life

37:15 - How to find your purpose in life

50:45 - Mindset, courage, and getting out of your own way

1:05:41 - Importance of embracing death and understanding your own mortality

1:11:53 - What does Kute Blackson want his legacy to be?

1:12:32 - Where can people connect to Kute Blackson?

1:14:15 - What keeps Kute Blackson up at night?

1:14:49 - The biggest challenge Kute Blackson has overcome in his life

1:15:44 - Kute Blackson’s mentor

1:16:46 - Any book or podcast recommended by Kute Blackson

1:17:03 - What would Kute Blackson tell his 20-year-old self?

1:17:28 - What does success mean to Kute Blackson?

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