July 29, 2022

Kurt Sowers - President & Founder of SOCO Group | From Solopreneur to Construction Magnate

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Kurt Sowers is the President and Founder of SOCO Group. SOCO Group is a general contracting firm that offers design and build services specific to commercial upfit and interiors. Mr. Sowers currently holds his general contractor’s license in the state of North Carolina and has set sight on expanding his licensing across the South-Eastern states. 

Prior to starting SOCO Group, Kurt worked professionally in the construction industry as a construction manager and project superintendent. During his tenure in the industry, Kurt has directly overseen $25 million dollars of new construction. 

Although building can be considered the embodiment of his persona, Kurt’s entrepreneurial aspirations are not limited to construction. He is currently creating a fashion brand with his aesthetically inspired and long-term friend William. 

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

02:40 - Kurt Sowers’ origin story

04:05 - How to figure out your passion

07:15 - Lessons learned getting into entrepreneurship

10:15 - How to start a business from scratch

13:51 - General contracting horror stories

14:50 - Navigating through Covid

16:41 - Closing and executing on your first few deals

19:42 - How to overcome business problems in construction

25:12 - What should people look for when hiring?

26:12 - Why did it take two years for Kurt’s company to become profitable?

30:26 - How does Kurt bring in new business?

36:11 - How to scale a business.

39:19 - Personality traits of successful entrepreneurs.

43:44 - Did going into and coming out of the show “Joe Millionaire” change anything for Kurt Sowers?

47:56 - The change in Kurt’s mindset from back when he started his business vs now

59:20 - Where can people connect with Kurt Sowers?

1:00:05 - The biggest challenge Kurt Sowers has overcome in his personal life

1:00:55 - What keeps Kurt up at night?

1:02:01 - One person that had a major impact on Kurt’s life

1:04:24 - A book or podcast recommended by Kurt Sowers

1:05:31 - What would Kurt tell his 20-year-old self?

1:07:05 - What does success mean to Kurt Sowers?

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