April 18, 2023

Ariana Pareja - President & Co-Founder at Pareja Family Foundation | Entrepreneurship & Empowerment

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Ariana Pareja is an entrepreneur, investor, and founder with over 18 years of business experience in starting, operating, and exiting three SMB businesses. Ariana’s primary expertise has centered around recruiting, training, and growing enterprise sales teams. Ariana Pareja attended George Washington University School of Business and is currently serving as President and Co-founder of the Pareja Family Foundation whose mission is to provide disadvantaged women and minorities a career in tech. 

Pareja is a mentor for the Venture Mentoring Team a non-profit dedicated to fostering the South Florida start-up community and SCORE.org In addition to mentoring, and consulting start-ups, Ariana has routinely spoken at several industry conferences & Establishments such as DEV CON 2022, Consensus 2022, IT EXPO, Nova Southeastern University, George Washington University, Harvard Business School South Florida's Pitch Competitions, MRED, Houston Association of Realtors, Miami Association of Realtors, MIBOR Association of Realtors, on the subjects of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Fundraising and sits on the boards of minority-led startups.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

03:03 - Ariana Pareja's Origin Story and Entrepreneurial Journey

08:15 - Key Factors Behind Ariana's Success

13:47 - Strategies for Achieving Professional Goals on a Budget

16:33 - Building and Selling a Business: Ariana's Experience

19:50 - The Importance of Building a Business to Sell

22:59 - Raising Money: Lessons Learned

28:25 - Realities After Exiting a Business and Future Focus

35:38 - The Meaning of Impact in Entrepreneurship

39:28 - Working with Women to Secure Investment

44:00 - Career Mapping: Ariana's Advice

51:48 - Course Benefits: Knowledge and Skills for Entrepreneurs

53:34 - Top Strategies for Acquiring Initial Customers and Reaching One Million in Revenue

56:30 - Revenue Split Considerations for B2B Products

58:58 - Key Considerations for Scaling a Business

1:01:32 - Evaluating the Impact of Team and Support on Experienced Individuals

1:02:15 - Culture Building for Entrepreneurs

1:03:21 - Taking a Business from One Million to Ten Million in Revenue

1:04:41 - Managing the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

1:11:55 - Coping with Stress as an Entrepreneur

1:14:08 - Finding Alignment with a Supportive Partner

1:17:12 - Ariana's Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

1:18:30 - Connecting with Ariana Pareja

1:19:29 - Ariana’s Definition of Success

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