March 14, 2021

Zach Nadler, CEO of VaynerSpeakers | Building A Disruptive Speakers Bureau With Gary V (+ How to Make It as a Pro Speaker)

Zach Nadler is the CEO of VaynerSpeakers, a disruptive speakers bureau built to help the modern event planner, consulting with organizations hosting events to help provide speakers that will impact audiences in a meaningful way.

Prior to working with Gary, Zach worked at CAA for almost 11 years, managing politicians, athletes, nobel prize winners, F500 execs and… Gary Vanerchuck.

We dive into his career, his experiences working with Gary V, as well as some great tips to take on speaking as a hobby, or full time career both in person, and in the constantly evolving, virtual event landscape.

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Talking Points

01:53 - Why did Zach get into managing talent?

06:59 - How did Zach get to know Gary Vaynerchuk?

09:52 - How professional speaking has evolved.

15:35 - What is the goal of VaynerSpeakers?

17:16 - How can someone get into paid speaking?

23:50 - What makes a great speaker?

25:51 - Covid & virtual events.

33:14 - How to master (virtual) public speaking.