May 12, 2021

Robert Barber, Author of CEO for Life | Life Changing Skills That Transcend Any Job, Career or Business

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Robert Barber is a certified high-performance business coach, best-selling author, podcaster and serial entrepreneur with over $917 million in sales. ⁣

He’s done it all; engineer, corporate executive, failed entrepreneur and of course - successful entrepreneur. He’s climbed the corporate ladder, and built his own real estate business from the ground up.

We’re going to dissect his career, and more importantly, the most integral skills you need to understand, learn and implement in your life if you’re going to excel in your business, or corporate career.

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➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Robert Barber, Author of CEO for Life

03:47 - Changes & chances.

07:54 - Are you feeling too comfortable in your role?

13:36 - Success takes 10 years.

17:00 - Everyone is in sales.

22:39 - The importance of time management.

27:25 - How do you run your life like a CEO?

32:30 - On accountability.

36:25 - How to find a mentor.

41:35 - What inspires you to do your best work?


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