July 8, 2020

Mohan Embar, CEO of PolyTripper | Top 1% Polyglot (8 Languages) & Entrepreneur | SSP Interview

Mohan Embar is a polyglot and software engineer who's out to destroy the myths that are holding us back from one of the most low-effort, high-impact things we can do as an entrepreneur: learn a foreign language.

He not only speaks eight languages himself, which puts him in the top less than 1% of all polyglots, but he's also cofounded a company called PolyTripper which connects language teachers to language students. What started as an a-ha experience while reading the back of a can of cocoa during his first trip to India when he was six years old turned into a lifelong obsession for learning languages and showing others how easy it is. Mohan has lived, worked and studied in several European countries and is out to share his discovery and passion for what he calls Linguistic Narnia to anyone who'll listen.

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