Aug. 15, 2021

John Gannon, Co-Founder of Going VC | How To Get A Job In Venture Capital

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➡️ About The Guest

John Gannon is the co-founder of GoingVC and the VC Careers Newsletter. GoingVC is a VC Career accelerator, designed to help you break into venture capital by directly connecting motivated VC job seekers with VC firms.

His newsletter is the largest VC Careers newsletter in the world, and has been running for years, has thousands of subscribers, and includes people who work at top VC firms like Greylock, Bessemer, and CRV.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Intro

12:55 - How do you get a job in venture capital?

17:10 - How to pivot careers & get VC’s interested in hiring you.

21:38 - How do VC’s actually make money?

25:13 - The current state of the VC industry.

29:25 - What do investors look got in companies and what should entrepreneurs look for in investors?

31:37 - Breaking into VC.

32:53 - SPACs & VC.

36:33 -Tips to help you land your next job.

45:22 - Advice for young professionals.

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