May 31, 2020

Jim Bostwick, Lawfirm Partner | Landmark Case Winning Lawyer & Author | SSP Interview

James Bostwick is one of the most respected medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers in the nation. As Founder of Bostwick & Peterson, he's cultivated a reputation as a top-tier specialist in catastrophic malpractice cases and has secured numerous record-setting verdicts and settlements.

Nationally recognized Bostwick specializes in complex medical malpractice, birth injury, and catastrophic or wrongful death claims and achieved the largest ever personal injury malpractice verdict in the United States. 

As a voracious reader of legal fiction, he always loved stories about criminal trials, but was struck by how seldom anyone wrote about the other cases that fill the courtrooms of America. 

Civil cases can have potentially devastating economic consequences for everyone involved. His vast experience provides a glimpse into this world of hard working and risk-taking lawyers that are far more driven by the needs of their clients than the potential rewards. 

James Career & book was inspired by a real San Francisco trial. In 1984, Bostwick was pushed to the brink of economic disaster when he sued the most famous trial lawyer in America for legal malpractice. He ultimately obtained a record verdict of $21 million on which his book ‘Acts of Omission’ is based.

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