Aug. 4, 2021

Fiona Smith, Founder of Millennial Money Woman | How to Quit Your Job & Become a Millionaire

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➡️ About The Guest

Fiona Smith (aka The Millennial Money Woman) holds her Master of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning and has co-founded a local charitable non-profit community teaching financial literacy to young professionals.

Her brand has grown, showcasing the need for what she teaches, to the point where she was asked to be a regular contributor for Forbes, she’s also been featured in Forbes, Invezz, Oberlo, Budgets are Sexy, and a variety of other financial publications and outlets. Her website, was listed as a Top 50 Personal Finance Blog and is currently one of the One of the fastest growing personal finance blogs, globally.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Intro

09:20 - How to start a side hustle.

11:22 - How to make money with affiliate marketing.

14:54 - Different revenue streams you can take advantage when making money online.

18:45 - How to build an enormous Twitter following (relatively quickly).

22:28 - Apps you can use to write better.

28:18 - Millennial money myths.

33:02 - How to leverage mindset to make money.

38:18 - The steps Fiona took to find a mentor (you can copy her).

41:56 - How anyone can become a millionaire.

48:21 - How to invest.

50:55 - Why education is broken.

56:24 - Advice for young entrepreneurs.

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