Sept. 15, 2021

Amberly Lago, Speaker, Author and Podcaster | How to Live a Life of Grit and Grace

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➡️ About The Guest

Amberly Lago is a best-selling author, speaker, podcast host, and health coach. She started her speaking career after her life was deeply altered and her world was completely changed in May 2010. While riding her motorcycle in Woodland Hills, CA, she was hit by an SUV and thrown thirty feet down a busy street. Her right leg took the brunt of the impact and was crushed almost beyond repair.

Amberly’s life story of astounding resilience has inspired a revolutionary lesson she offers to the world. She brings unique strategies developed to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and persevere through any challenge. Her keynote speeches, best-selling book, workshops, and podcasts offer hope and solutions for living life at its fullest to those in chronic pain (like her) and those who find themselves struggling against any obstacle.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Intro

11:39 - Having your life completely disrupted.

18:59 - Resetting your mind after major trauma.

21:31 - Struggling with substances to numb the pain.

23:47 - Asking for help.

34:16 - Movement and mental health.

40:17 - Being your own cheerleader.

45:28 - Tools & tips for a resilient mindset.

49:14 - The power of community.

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