Sept. 9, 2021

Prem Rawat, Global Peace Ambassador and Speaker | How to Find Peace

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➡️ About The Guest

Born in Northern India in 1957, renowned Ambassador of Peace, Prem Rawat, has addressed hundreds of millions of people worldwide at live events as well as on TV and radio. His talks have been translated into more than 75 languages, and he is regularly invited to speak at universities and prestigious international forums and events. He has accepted invitations from global business leaders, prison inmates, remote villagers in developing countries—whoever is eager to hear his message.

The bestselling author of “Peace is Possible,” Rawat founded The Prem Rawat Foundation in 2001 with the mission to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and the often-overlooked need for peace.

The award-winning Food for People programs in India, Nepal and Ghana have transformed entire communities. He also created the Peace Education Program, which is taught in prisons; in countries ravaged by war; in veteran centers and in hospitals in more than 70 countries. The program (also used in schools and in universities worldwide) has reached all walks of life, including those marginalized by society and conflict, and inspires participants to experience real personal peace. In 2012, he received the BrandLaureate International Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award, becoming only the fourth recipient of the award (with previous winners including Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs).

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Intro

3:18 - Everyone is distracted.

10:25 - The state of the world & the state of humanity.

17:13 - World peace vs. inner peace.

28:28 - Stress is a learned behavior.

35:06 - Are you in charge of your own life?

45:49 - Why is there badness in the world?

48:50 - Exercises for finding gratitude and peace.

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