Aug. 2, 2021

Jack Butcher, Founder of Visualize Value | How to Build a $1m+/Year Course in 1.5 Years

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➡️ About The Guest

Jack Butcher is a designer, entrepreneur and the founder of Visualize Value – a content platform teaching people to communicate visually and build great online products.

After growing a large audience on Twitter and Instagram with his signature Visualize Value graphics, he created two successful courses - How to Visualize Value, a playbook for creating meaningful visual communication; and Build Once Sell Twice, where he teaches his process for creating digital products and taking VV's revenue to over $100K/month.

➡️ Talking Points

00:00 - Intro

11:35 - Making the jump into entrepreneurship.

12:30 - The idea behind Visualize Value.

22:04 - How Jack sold $1m+ in courses without ads.

28:35 - How to build a community.

40:03 - Why Jack started to investigate NFT's and his take on the new technology.

45:35 - How to create NFT's that sell.

49:55 - Leveraged income vs. passive income.

1:02:57 - Why you need to innovate or individualize.

1:13:33 - The end goal of a creator.

1:16:45 - Advice for entrepreneurs.

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