June 19, 2021

Sarah Gibbons, Success Coach to Execs & Entrepreneurs | Find Fulfillment and Meaning in Your Career

➡️ About The Guest

After more than a decade of pioneering the tech-business economy in North America and Europe for companies such as Amazon.com, IMDb.com, and Fox, Sarah realized she was experiencing a drive and hunger for a different kind of fulfillment.

Sarah now works with leaders who have been so focused on their career, they've pushed all other responsibilities, duties and personal development opportunities to the wayside.

She challenges and refocuses these highly successful individuals and helps them achieve better balance in their life - something we can all learn from her today... before it's too late.

➡️ Talking Points

06:22 - Pivoting from corporate to entrepreneurship.

12:14 - What does fulfillment really mean, and what does it have to do with non-linear, exponential growth?

15:53 - Challenging the definition of leadership.

18:36 - Do you know what your values are?

22:57 - Spiritual psychology and how to stop yourself from getting triggered.

27:09 - Quantifying the ROI of coaching.

31:12 - Feedback loops & habits.

33:23 - Coaching red flags.

39:45 - Life lessons for entrepreneurs.

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