Dec. 17, 2022

Eszylfie Taylor - Founder & President of Taylor Insurance Financial Services | Optimizing Mind, Body & Money

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Eszylfie Taylor is a famed financial advisor to Hollywood stars & sports legends to share his advice and stories about pro athletes who squander multi-millions and Hollywood stars who are surprisingly frugal and smart with their money. Eszylfie is the glue that holds these disparate ends together, helping his clients remain in the black (and this advice works for everyone), with recent features on Business Insider, Fox Business, Real Simple, & more.

With a client roster that includes Hollywood celebrities and legendary Hall of Fame athletes, Eszylfie can speak to his success and advise on how individuals from every generation can overcome current obstacles to end up on top. Eszylfie has achieved his unprecedented success at such a young age due to a combination of education, motivation, a positive outlook, and a deep desire to help others improve their lives. He began his career at age 22 with New York Life Insurance Company, where he soon reached the ranking of #1 Broker in Los Angeles and #1 Agent for the company's African-American market. 

He currently sits on the board of three non-profit organizations dedicated to business empowerment, children's health, and social services.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

01:31 - Eszylfie Taylor’s origin story

04:26 - Thoughts on the reality of people who conform to what others think they should be

07:35 - Getting to where Eszylfie is in life now

11:11 - What was missing in Eszylfie’s life after he had made money?

13:35 - How do you build yourself back again after a recession?

16:26 - Managing your personal life and your business

20:15 - How do you figure out what you want?

23:40 - Detaching yourself from the outcomes and focusing on things that you can control

25:40 - Who are the people Eszylfie works with on a daily basis?

28:46 - How can we make people more financially literate?

33:25 - What is the percentage of athletes that go bankrupt?

37:56 - Where does Eszylfie recommend somebody put their money?

40:49 - What should be the first step of a person that wants to start investing and is overwhelmed?

43:43 - How many times has a paycheck-to-paycheck client turned out to be an over-spender?

45:36 - Eszylfie's advice for people and where they can connect with him

47:00 - What does success mean to Eszylfie Taylor?

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