Jan. 28, 2023

Dr. Kimberly Janson - CEO of Janson Associates | The Leadership Blueprint: Mastering the Art of Assessing and Nurturing Leadership Capability

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➡️ About The Guest⁣

Dr. Kimberly Janson is CEO of Janson Associates, a talent and organizational development company, and was named a Top 10 Thought Leader, Top 10 Executive Coach in 2021, and Top 10 Inspirational Leader in 2022. Dr. Janson is also the author of Demystifying Talent Management, the winner of the Axiom Book Award. 

Janson Associates works with firms from the start-up level to Fortune 100 companies in all industries. Kim is considered a premier executive coach, is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, and serves as an executive coach and instructor at the Harvard Business School.

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➡️ Talking Points⁣

00:00 - Intro

02:56 - Dr. Kim Janson’s origin story

08:20 - What do you learn in a business Ph.D.?

11:09 - Why is leadership broken?

15:48 - The four elements of leadership

17:20 - Traits found in most Fortune 500 leaders

19:33 - How does this principle fit into a high-performing framework?

24:03 - When do problems start to creep into a company?

25:51 - The formula for diagnosing every single aspect of a company

31:30 - Building culture in a company

33:56 - A perfect case study of company culture

35:53 - How to align all the people in a company?

41:35 - What leadership lessons do we get from horses?

46:07 - Where can people connect with Dr. Kimberly Janson?

47:45 - What keeps Kim up at night?

48:22 - The biggest challenge Dr. Kim Janson has ever faced in her life

50:23 - The most impactful person in Dr. Kim Janson’s life

52:15 - Dr. Kim Janson’s book or podcast recommendation

53:23 - What would Dr. Kim Janson tell her 20-year-old self?

54:16 - What does success mean to Dr. Kimberly Janson?

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