June 28, 2020

Carson Rowland, Actor & Musician | Navigating Success, Family, Culture & Life | SSP Interview

For Carson Rowland, acting has been a serious passion for as long has he can remember. After years on stage pursuing musical theater, Carson made his way into the film and TV arena by landing the role of Riley Sturgis in the TV series, Tweet: The Series, in 2015 for 5 episodes. Not long after, he booked the series regular role of Cole Reyes, in the Nickelodeon TV series, I Am Frankie. Carson has a BS in Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University.

Growing up in Florida, Carson’s parents chose to homeschool their four children, which included an older brother, twin sister and younger sister. As a youngster, Carson went to a musical theatre class and was immediately hooked. “I knew right away I liked it. I was really focused on music from about age eight, starting piano lessons, then guitar. I wasn’t working toward any goal, I just really enjoyed it.” Although he claims neither of his parents have any artistic leanings, he and his siblings all excel in the arts. His brother Connor is a gifted piano player who often works with Carson on music, and both his twin sister Carolynn and youngest sister Catherine are accomplished ballerinas who left home in their teens to study their craft.

When Carson was 16, he heard from a girl he had homeschooled with who was starring in a web series called TWEET. The show was looking to fill a role for the second season and she suggested he audition. He booked the role of “Riley Sturgis,” which resulted in several auditions with Nickelodeon, eventually landing him one of the leads in Nick’s first global series, I AM FRANKIE. After Carson finished filming the second season of I AM FRANKIE, he got a part in the Lifetime movie DREAM KILLER as “Bailey,” the love interest of lead character “Mia,” played by Taylor Castro, herself an actor-musician. The two hit it off immediately. “Taylor and I became close friends, we just really connected. She had written a song called “Don’t Know What to Say” and invited me to re-record it with her as a duet.” Fans fully embraced both song and video, and the chemistry between the two.

The pair soon found themselves in Georgia – Carson filming the upcoming Netflix series SWEET MAGNOLIAS and Taylor at the Savannah College of Art and Design – and writing music together. “Writing songs with Taylor is the greatest thing ever. We have a synergy when we write together and I think our work together is pretty unique.”

When he isn’t recording and writing new songs, or guest starring on the hit ABC TV series American Housewife as a football player with a secret, Carson can be found keeping his 4.0 grade point average intact as he finishes his degree in Neuroscience. “Since 2016, my career has taken off, so why not pursue what I love? But I need a plan B no matter what; if one day, I need a change, the option to go in to medicine will be there. I have a huge sense of pride in what I’ve accomplished so far, balancing my career with schooling, and I am just going to go wherever the road takes me.”

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