March 24, 2021

Bob Raleigh Ph.D., Founder of PathSight Predictive Science | The Search For 'Why' & Predicting Behaviour

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Bob Raleigh is the founder and managing partner of PathSight Predictive Science. Previously, he was CEO of Rockefeller Consulting and a longtime television executive at Carsey-Werner. He holds a PhD in psychology from Syracuse University.

In this podcast, we dive into his book, ‘The Search For Why’. In The Search for Why, Bob Raleigh provides a new model for how to understand human behavior, the fundamentals of why we do what we do. He draws on his experience in market research and public communication strategy and combines that with research in the social sciences, like psychology, cognitive and behavioral sciences, and anthropology.

The Search for Why covers topics like:

-Why so frequently people seem to act against their own best interests, both in politics and their personal lives

-How to better communicate with one another across political and cultural divides

-How to craft persuasive messages that meet people where they are, and listen to what they are saying back

-Ways you can apply this model to help build a better world, at a personal, social, and global level

-What influences our decisions, even when we don’t realize it

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Talking Points

00:00 - Bob Raleigh Ph.D., Founder of PathSight Predictive Science

01:45 - The culmination of 20 years of research and study

09:08 - Where did Bob’s journey start?

16:34 - The human interface, the most complex node

20:56 - Building out profiles to predict behaviors

24:24 - How do you use this information, ethically?

34:34 - Difference in prediction models, across countries

40:03 - Predictive models for job recruiting, culture and employment